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I just wanted to give a brief explanation on what type of fly fishing equipment you will find on the site.

As I have mentioned in the About section, most fly gear on the CWFF website is selected fly fishing equipment from eBay. I am also showcasing items that are sold through Amazon. The obvious reasons are choice and price.

Most gear (rods, reels, accessories) are new. However, you will also find used fly fishing equipment, either mentioned in special sections on this site or on a particular brand's product page (like on the Abel Reels page). Sometimes a same product page displays both new and used fly fishing equipment items. To find out, if it is not mentioned in the title, simply click to see the details of each listing.

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In our never ending quest to find "the ultimate" fly fishing equipment item, I have tried to list what I consider top picks for: fly rod, fly reel, fly line, fly vest or pack, waders & boots and streamside accessory. A very hard exercise - I am sure that many will disagree with my choices - so let me know by leaving a comment in the section at the end of the post.

My choices went towards fly fishing equipment that represent an amazing value or which is significantly superior to other similar gear.

#1 - Fly rod:TFO Lefty Kreh TiCr X 9ft #8 4 pcs - TFO TiCr X fly rodvery fast but smooth single hand fly rod - available with a Conversion kit to turn it into a two-handed 11' 3" rod that can be used for casting to striped bass, steelhead or salmon. (I sold all my other 8wts - even a T&T - this is such an amazing casting & fishing tool - Under $250!)

#2 Fly Reel: Read More→

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New Fly Rod Section

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Finally the fly rods section is live - new and used fly rods for the following brands:


New Abel Fly Reel section

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I have added an Abel fly reels section under the fly fishing equipment topic. There you will find listings for different Abel reel models, like the Creek series, Super Series, Trout, Big Game and other series.

Please be aware that new pages are currently being added for each model so you can quickly find deals on a particular Abel fly reel series.

If you have a particular request on what model you want to see, leave me a comment below.