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This site is dedicated to:

  • fly fishing equipment
  • how-to tips and info
  • videos on tying, rigging and fly fishing action

If you are looking for fly fishing equipment such as fly rods, or fly reels, among others, then you can use the top navigation menu to find either a general section for multiple brands or a brand specific product page listing various models.

Each product page has current live eBay listings, featuring both auctions and Buy It Now styles of listings.

Don't find the product or model you are looking for?

If the particular model you are looking for is not listed or any feature does not meet your criteria, bookmark the page using your preferred social media icon displayed on the page and check back a few hours or a day later, as new listings are added on eBay throughout the day.

If you still don't find a particular product, shoot me an email so I can screen it for you.

What is the difference between Auction and Buy It Now listings?

Auctions have a set length of time for which they run, defined by the seller. The winning buyer is the one that has the set the highest bid at the time the auction expires. Auctions are great if your primary objective is to get a real bargain and do not mind if you do not end up winning the item.

Buy It Now listings allow you to purchase an item right now at a set price. Sometimes a listing allows you to place a "Best Offer", i.e. the price at which you are willing to purchase the item right away - once you have submitted your best offer price,  the seller can accept or refuse to sell the item at your price, or make a counter offer.

Before you commit to buy from any seller on eBay, check out his feedback score and comments left by previous buyers. Also see his terms and conditions to determine if they suit you. This will allow you to screen out unsuitable sellers. Although we have chosen eBay as a very reliable source to feature fly fishing equipment products, we cannot of course take responsibility for the actions or purchases you make through eBay.

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