Max F and Liam Cape Cod Fishing

My youngest son Liam (3yrs) & myself - Cape Cod in 2008

My name is Max F and I am a fly fishing addict...

Unlike Obelix who fell in the cauldron as a child, I picked up fly fishing when I was 22 - that was 18 years ago (oh me oh my does time fly...). Sure, I had fished using worms, bobber, and lures as a young child, but it wasn't before I moved to the UK that I got hit by the bug... flies that is.

Now living on the US-Canada border, I enjoy fishing North-East's bigger rivers and smaller streams, lakes, ponds and changing coastline. I have fished on several continents for very different fish species, such as for trout in South Africa, Tarpon, Bonefish and Permit in Mexico, native Brown Trout in southern France, Smallmouths, Largemouth Bass, Atlantic Salmon and Sea Trout in Quebec, Canada, as well as for Striped Bass and Bluefish in Maine and Massachussets. (I have to admit I have also fished for Bluegills and Sunfish whenever I could :)

Why this website?

The Clearwater Flyfishing website started as an online store - a venture I started in 2008 as I wanted to combine my passion for this sport (actually rather a lifestyle) with my need to build a full time income from my new off-the-grid location - far from my previous big-city-job that I had left behind.

After a year of operations, I realized that to make it a full-time occupation,  a larger inventory and many more resources were needed. With a family of 4 to provide for, I decided to revamp the site and make its main focus be useful fly fishing information, musings and relevant product deals I can screen online.

Following a short survey among existing clients, I set out to build a new website that contains a balance between how-to information and fly fishing gear.

Why eBay?

I partnered with eBay for providing 90% of the fly fishing equipment shown on the site. This allowed me bring you the largest (and usually cheapest) selection of fly fishing equipment available online. As always, before buying from a seller you don't know, make sure to check out his feedback score and comments, and see what kind of guarantee and return policy he has.

...and more...

I will be progressively adding content to the site; your feedback will also help to orientate my selection of topics and products.

I am counting on you to leave comments on the site to let me know what you think, like, suggest, as you now have the opportunity to contribute in the comment section to make this a great website.

Thank you for all your support - it is much appreciated!


~Max F

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